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Decided to reuse my Twitter description: I like books and biology and writing and music and films and food and procrastinating! I reblog anything that takes my fancy - this includes lots of pictures of food and attractive men. Sometimes when I'm bored I write diary-esque posts but they're not very interesting.

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  1. Most pain is only temporary, but other kinds of pain rise and spread like yeast into something too dense for any stomach to handle. The seeds of pain are the seeds we sow with our own hands- when we view our bodies as mistakes or as places to carve map lines into without…




(by Anton Baklashov)
14:35"I think it’s very healthy to spend time alone. You need to know how to be alone and not be defined by another person." —

Oscar Wilde

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 ”I decided on day one not to let cancer define me anymore than it had to. Yes, I had stage 4 everywhere but I decided each day alive was an opportunity for me to tell my loved ones how much I loved and appreciated them, a chance to find small pleasures in their company. Although I was now a cancer patient and survivor, I was still a mom, a sister, a friend etc. I still had gifts and skills to share and lots of wisdom and advice to share. I personally wanted to be seen not as a warrior or victim but as a unique person going through a difficult time and making the very best of it. We all handle our trials in our own way but choosing to see the glass half full instead of half empty makes such a difference. Never let cancer take away your joy or your ability to see yourself as more than a cancer patient. As for others understanding what we went through, it is like childbirth or a divorce or losing a child…people can sympathize but it is hard to empathize unless you have been there. I tell others about my cancer so they will be aware research is needed but I don’t dwell on it. Happiness is a choice and that is what I choose.” ~Terry Rydzewski

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Publicity done right in an anti-rape campaign: double-page spread, pages glued to one another. After the reader forcefully separates them, the image above is revealed with the caption “if you have to use force, it’s rape”.